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The Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd (AWTA) and the Jiangsu Inspection Corporation (JSIC) have set up a new product testing laboratory called Jin Ao Testing located in Nanjing .

Jin Ao Testing is incorporated with the Industrial Product Testing Centre (IPTC) of CIQ Jiangsu and has the capacity to test a wide variety of commodities including textiles, fibres, textile fabrics and materials, chemical products, minerals, building materials, bicycles, toys and ceramics. IPTC is a member of interwoolabs and has CNAS Accreditation and a skilled team of trained technicians to carry out tests to a range of international standards such as GB, AS, ASTM, AATCC, CEN, JIS, ISO and BS.

AWTA brings to the venture its core strengths of independence, customer service, integrity and technical competence. While the initial focus of the joint venture will be on textile related materials and products a plan has been prepared for entry into the testing of advanced building products, safety equipment, flammability and automotive component testing.

The venture will provide a base for reputable, reliable and independent testing of Chinese products and imported raw materials/components, before shipment or as inline quality assurance testing.

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